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So your mod here made a tiny mistake and accidentally didn't turn moderated posting off, and never thought it was on in the first place, so the queue wasn't checked until now. I'm sorry! ;3; But anything that was in there has been posted.

And it's fixed now and posts will no longer need moderation since I trust you guys. ^^

Also we have 20 members now yay ~
Also I'll be making tags now, sorry. They'll show up in the sidebar.  
< A > Apologies for my incompetence.
☆〜(ゝω ・)

你好! Greetings~ (o*・ω・)ノ

Hello everyone!

Welcome to both curious passersby and Taiwan fans alike!
I'm not sure how big this community will get, but either way, I hope we will all get along. :3

I'm your mod, hello! I usually go by Mei, but I know that's a popular fan name for Taiwan, so if you're not exactly comfortable with that one, you can call me Minmin. :D Feel free to PM me to ask any sort of questions or just to talk. ヾ(^∇ ^)ノ I will never, ever bite~ (Unless you happen to be my Kiku or HK. owo;)

Feel free to start discussions pertaining to Taiwan, just remember to be polite to others and respect opinions, etc.~ /o/

Affiliate requests can go here too. (ouo)b
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