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Taiwan will touch your heart!

[ a community dedicated to Hetalia's lovely Taiwan ]

taiwan livejournal community
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Hello there and welcome! ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ This is a small community dedicated to the character Taiwan from the webcomic Axis Powers: Hetalia, by Himaruya Hidekazu.

This community does have few rules, if you'd please read them!

✿ You can post about anything, as long as it's related to Taiwan! Discussions, graphics, fanfic, fanart, etc. This is a Taiwan community after all~
✿ Please lock (members-only) any type of download, such as FSTs or doujinshi.
✿ Please lock and add warnings for any sort of R-18 material.
✿ Use an LJ-cut where it would be best. I think that would be for just about everything except discussions.
✿ Fanart can have a preview image of 300x300px max. Icon previews can have a max of 3 icons.
✿ Be polite and courteous to each other, have fun, etc. ヾ(^∇ ^)ノ

When posting art or fic please use the following format (or something similar) -


If posting doujin, it's the same as above, but if you could please add the number of pages & cover thumbnail. :3

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